Marketing Consultation

marketing consultationWhatever platform you want to send your message with, we’ll make sure your marketing message is heard by your relevant audience. Your business needs more than just a number of followers, it needs engaged and responsive customers that want what you have to offer. We know how to build relevant ads that capture attention, and how to build efficient landing pages and A/B test our way to the best possible conversion ratio possible.

We’ve spent over a decade working directly with the affiliate marketing industry and some of the largest internet marketing firms in California. Whatever platform you want to send your message with, we’ll make sure it’s heard by your relevant audience. Whether you are interested in email marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, video ads on YouTube or Snapchat, or even popunder and exit traffic we can ensure your campaign is run effectively and delivers results.

Search Engine Optimization

Let’s face the fact, if you aren’t on the front page of Google for relative terms and keywords that users are most actively using then you’re missing out. Organic traffic has historically always converted better than any other type of traffic. It makes sense as these users are actively looking for something you have to offer. If that’s not enough, organic traffic doesn’t cost nearly as much to get as traffic from ads.

We have the skills and tools necessary to research and analyze what keywords will work best for you, and ensure that your website reaches the people searching for them.

Ads & Media Buys

While organic traffic converts the best, the volume in some industries simply isn’t there or your industry is so new that any potential customer must be educated before they are interested. Most companies treat ads with a “fire and forget” attitude, only worrying about their brand or how many visitors came to the website. We have the tools and experience necessary to find out what ads and media buys are performing positively, and shut down the campaigns that are wasting money.

Affiliate Traffic

We have over a decade of experience working directly with some of the largest affiliate networks and building proprietary traffic routing technologies to maximize affiliate revenue. Getting affiliate traffic is easy, but combating theft and fraud requires someone with years of experience. Whether you want to build a new website or add an affiliate program to an existing website, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to deliver. Whether you want to pay per lead, per sale, CPM, or otherwise we have over a decade of experience making it happen.

Email Marketing

Before lending our services to the public, we spent over 7 years successfully mailing between 50,000,000-100,000,000 emails per day. We have experience with technologies such as PowerMTA, Momentum, Postfix, and other mail servers; including how to network MTA’s together to create clusters of mailing servers. Not only do we have years of experience sending email, we also have the tools to prevent and eliminate spam traps in your lists, verify email addresses before you send to them, and maximize your ability to hit the Inbox.

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