AWS Management Services

powered by amazon web servicesLooking for someone to manage your AWS network? We have experience in setting up complex networks with multiple VPC’s and know how to keep your network organized and efficient. Whether you need a single server or need load balancing that will handle being on live TV we can make it happen (we’ve had a client on Shark Tank for example).

Amazon EC2

We’ve set up nearly every type of EC2 server there is. We’ve used Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and the Amazon AMI versions of Linux. We have moved companies with entire physical racks of servers to the Amazon Cloud, and small companies alike. Why pay some company a monthly fee to put you on the same server as 3,000 other companies when you can have your own dedicated CPU power and memory.

Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

VPCs are essentially virtual networks. Much like installing a router or a switch and telling it to handle a particular subnet, VPCs allow you to organize your private IP space and create public and private subnets and routing tables to correspond with them. Anyone can launch a server in AWS, but ensuring that the network is set up in a way that allows scalability and uses best practices requires someone with experience. eCommerce Doctor has experience managing dozens of AWS accounts and their corresponding VPCs. We have experience in managing accounts that also use multiple VPCs are PCI compliance (credit card processing) reasons.

Amazon Route53

For reliable DNS services with maximum availability, nothing beats Amazon in our opinion. Route53 allows you to host your records within AWS itself, and point to elastic load balancers and other services via aliases.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3, or Amazon Simple Storage, allows you to store documents, images, or really any files you want without worry of dedicating hard drive space or creating and mounting volumes to your servers. S3 buckets can also be encrypted for privacy and security reasons. We have experience in integrating S3 with a variety of applications we’ve built, and can have storage up and running in minutes. We can even install your company’s own “Dropbox” equivalent.

Amazon IAM

For larger companies which have a variety of cooks in the kitchen, or users accessing the AWS account if you will.. Amazon IAM allows the root AWS user to create credentials for others and lock down their ability to perform specific actions. For example, your accountant doesn’t need to be able to create servers or delete backups, so why would you give them the ability to? We have experience creating custom policies and groups, and ensuring the permissions your users have are no more or less than what they need to do their job.

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