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eCommerce Doctor is a group of talented internet architects in Calabasas, California who each have an extensive background in full stack development and networking. When you hire us for your project: you’re not just hiring a web design firm, a programming company, or someone to just set your network up. We are the all-in-one toolkit you’ve been looking for. We’ve set up thousands of networks, whether in homes, local offices, in physical racks at datacenters, or on VPC’s in the Amazon EC2 cloud. We’ve built hundreds of websites, ranging from local mom & pop local shops to ecommerce websites that generate hundreds of thousands per day in sales, and enterprise video streaming sites that serve content to millions of people per day.


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Robert (eCommerceDr), is whom I would consider a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to software development. He is knowledgeable in every aspect of the web development process, from setting up server architecture to the end result one sees on the front-facing side of a web page.

Brad Pearson Web Developer

Robert (eCommerceDr) is one of the hardest workers I've ever met. He is also one of the most knowledgeable and someone I would personally go to advice for anything knowing that not only would he have the answers to give but would either help or teach me any kind of coding, designing, or advanced technical questions and would take the initiative to make sure it was done correctly. I highly recommend him on your team. He would not only get the job done but would do it quickly and efficiently and more than likely have his own ideas to bring to the table.

Amanda Sellars Owner, InAds Marketing

Robert (eCommerceDr) is one of those people you wish to have on your team. He is bright, hardworking, talented and hungry. I always think of him first whenever I have work that even comes close to areas of knowledge. He is always available to answer questions and if he does not know something, he will work to find it out. I first hired him in late 2007 / early 2008 and have seen him grow tremendously both profesionally and personally. He is now a good business partner and friend.

Antonio Cecchi Owner, ProPathMedia

Working with Robert (eCommerceDr) was an excellent experience and I highly recommend his services! Over the years we have hired many website design companies to handle our needs and we were never happy with the services we received until we had Robert working on our stuff. After working with him I knew we had an expert on deck and the job would get done right, and on time, FINALLY. Thank you Robert!

Jason Demet Co-Founder, US Referrals

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